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Books by J. E. Laine


 Midnight Song


Midnight Song is a crime story with inviting doses of romance and sex. In a somewhat recent year in New York City we meet the deranged mind of a criminal, street cops, detectives, and bizarre clues – as one of the wealthiest families reveals its most intimate secrets.


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      Great Mystery!  * * * * *

                By Mirah on December 28, 2012 amazon.com
Midnight Song by J.E. Laine is a spell-binding whodunit that takes place amongst New York City's socialites. The cast of characters from housekeepers and detectives to billionaire businessmen, celebs, and music industry moguls, are real and very relatable and the story will keep you reading to see how every intriguing piece of the puzzling plot come together. The delicious intrigue is spiced with some titillating romance.



Blackbird and The Black Flower Murders

She tantalizes men with the promise of sex, and then carves designs on their bodies with a set of special knives – while the creator of global intelligence is threatened as a stealth organization galvanizes to save him amid kidnapping, rape, love and devotion.


* * * * *   I found this book Blackbird and The Black Flower Murders so compelling that I could not put it down. It kept me challenged all the way until the end. I hope there is a sequel.  Caroline W.



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