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J. E. Laine

New 50s Music For Today - Volume One . . .

"J. E. Laine has done an authentic, affectionate and incredible job transforming the musical sound of the 50s into the 21st century."  Kenny Kramer - the 'real' Kramer who the character on Seinfeld was named for and fashioned after

"Looking at your photos you are the hottest 70-year-old I know. Congrats - it must be the music!! Keep up the great work."  Robin Leach - Star of television's Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, journalist with LA Register, Las Vegas Sun and more

"J. E. Laine's music rekindles the tender emotions of the 1950s."  Chris Miller - creator & writer of the comedy smash cult film Animal House

"What a gift to be taken back to happier times, when life was simpler and safer and we had the greatest rock and roll music of all times. Now more than ever, thank you J.E. Laine."  Michael Phillips - Oscar winning producer of The Sting whose other films include Taxi Driver, Close Encounters of The Third Kind, and The Flamingo Kid

“Number One Soul Sistah!” – Barry GoldbergLegendary Blues and Rock Keyboardist, Songwriter, Record Producer 

“You always wanted to write songs and sing them, and I think it’s great that you finally accomplished what you wanted to do and you did a great job.” - Steve Alaimo – recording artist

"As a songwriter of pop music in the 60s, I really appreciated hearing this - it brought back that period of time to me. For many years she's been playing her doo wop slanted music. I'm really proud that she took it to this level with these recordings. I enjoy it totally. Thanks for the music."  Artie Kornfeld - creator & producer of the Woodstock Festival, 1969

"This is a great no-nonsense album of her original true roots rock 'n' roll by a woman who was part of the history. You can't get any more authentic than that. And having a bunch of triple A-list musicians like legendary sax man, Arno Hecht on the sessions cinches it."  Mike Millius - award winning producer, songwriter and music publisher

"J.E., I can't begin to tell you how much I am digging this New 50s Music cd, I am weeping with ecstasy at the mood you have managed to establish on every song.  I am falling in love with J.E. Laine all over again, how could that have happened?  Your vox -- pure magic.  I am soaring. A masterpiece, all praise to you and your collaborators, and especially secret weapon Robert Aaron, about whom we can never say enough great things. Looking forward to seeing the J.E. Laine Revue in NYC!"  Arthur Levy - Grammy®-nominated music researcher and archivist-writer

"You have done a wonderful job to create the sound and the melodies from the 50s..."  Hans Edler - Swedish pop star

"Everything Old is New Again: Back to the Future of Music!  J. E. Laine is retro divine as she lovingly caresses and pays homage to the music of the 50s in a way that will touch the heart of all for whom it is all too reminiscent of their youth. She embraces and channels the soul of the 50s heart-throb genre with an endearing love and respect, while breathing into it new life with her own inimitable warm sultry voice and original style. Her music will take you on a journey that integrates your most memorable times in life with originality, while igniting a love for that style in those too young to remember the Silhouettes on the Wall."  Mirah Riben - author

“J. E. Laine brings back all the fond memories we have of the music of the 50's - and how wonderful it makes us feel to hear her nostalgic, yet fresh approach to that style of music, encapsulated on her allbum!!!"  Don Rubin - legendary record executive

“As you recommended, I dimmed the lights with candle light and poured a glass of 18 year old scotch. I listened to your amazing original 50’s music last night. I was surprised! You are a natural born entertainer. Thanks for sharing with me your hidden alter ego J. E. Laine. She sounds like a fine 57 Thunderbird classic.” Michael Leventon - legendary music promoter

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Janet Oseroff is a fantastic piano player, the membership adores her and loves having her playing in our lounge. She gets a great following and members truly enjoy her musical talents. One night I walked into the lounge and watched a group of our members standing spellbound, and then applauding, for her heartfelt performance.  Gleneagles Country Club, Delray Beach, Florida

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